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Investing in Antiques


    Antiques may not be the most typical form of investment, but they can provide potentially impressive long-term returns. However, investing in antiques may be an unfamiliar concept to you. In this piece, I will be introducing you to the world of antique investment and its potential benefits.

Understanding Antiques

    Before we begin, let us understand what antiques- and this class of investments- are about. Antiques are broadly defined as an article, that is no longer in production, of historical significance. They belong to a class of investments that include art, and jewelry. Antiques can take a wide variety of forms – from old banknotes/ coins, stamps to categories like furniture!


    There are several factors that contribute to the value of antiques. At the most technical level, value is correlated to factors such as scarcity, physical condition and historical significance.

    However, at a higher level, it is demand and supply that really controls the value of your antiques. Your antique may be liquidated for far less than its worth just because you could not find the appropriate/ interested buyer for your antique at that time.

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   It is important to understand that investing in antiques is a unique avenue of investment with its own profile. Firstly, investing in antiques should be done with a long-term prospect in mind. Antiques are good and safe long-term investment products that are not influenced by currency and other monetary risk. In fact, if purchased prudently, they should easily outperform commodities like gold.

   Antiques are one of the few things that are truly irreplaceable.


    For starters, the fact that the value of antiques are pretty much immune to monetary fluctuations is a huge plus. Their value is also almost guaranteed to appreciate with time.

    Antiques are also easy to hold. A small bullion coin of the right scarcity can be worth tens of thousands. Unlike other assets such as land or property, you do not need to worry as much about maintenance and security. You also get to avoid annual taxations and other billable fees such as property tax and service and conservancy fees.

    Besides the monetary benefits, they are also great keepsakes for remembering the past. Every antique holds a story- a memory on an era. Using antiques to discover more about the past can be both a rewarding an fulfilling experience!

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